Time to Invest in Gold? Consider These Four Factors First


Here's a monthly recap of the top news in the gold mining sector, including acquisitions and takeover announcements, financial results and other relevant updates, to keep readers up-to-date on.

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GDX Holdings Source: Morningstar. In this abbreviated graphic, we can see the top 10 stock holdings included in GDX. These stocks make up a combined total of over 60% of the fund’s value (with.

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More Bear Market Rallies! Gold in the Information Age. Light in the Tunnel? Who Ransacked the Rand? Gold to the People. The Psychology of Autumn. And so far, with prices at a month-long low, gold is looking like a bargain.

The sovereign gold bonds are aimed at curbing domestic demand for physical gold among investors. The bonds are for five to seven years, and for five, 10, 50 and grams of gold. However, the depositor earns an interest rate below regular Indian government bonds recently 7. In gold monetization, people turn in bullion or jewelry at a bank.

The aim here is enhancing the domestic supply of physical gold for jewelers. India is doing this because it wants to get the masses of idle gold lying dormant in vaults and households throughout the country out into the open.

So how well are these schemes working? Well, Indian gold imports are surging. And was a record year. Sure, second-quarter demand was way down. In fact, a recent eight-week period saw metric tons of gold withdrawn from the SGE. Chinese demand is usually stronger at the end of the calendar year as the Chinese New Year approaches. Many of them are turnaround stories, just waiting to head higher.

The company has made slashing costs one of its top priorities. In other words, one may very well argue that the trading mechanics we saw today are very different from the trading examples from my own career I gave where The Market was trading index changes. Here, you see, the pre-trading by the market affects the trade itself!

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