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Not surprisingly, the event is regarded as a highlight in the Durban and KZN business calendar. Our Ciudad, Juarez Mexico manufacturing hub is capable of cost-effectively serving the U.

Development and Manufacturing

Noble Jay further built on his musical knowledge during his SA stint. he is known for his style of dressing, the art takes music and fashion to be his number 1 priority, his style of music is known to be Afro pop /dance hall/hip hop trap.

The awards aim to recognize excellence in jazz music in South Africa. This second album is an acoustic traditional jazz album that radiates South African heritage sound and universal jazz influences. Not only is Mash a great artist in this very vibrant time in South African jazz music, he also is a teacher with a focused goal to help grow talent form a firm foundation of African Roots.

His focus is to teach and organize live music performances with his students focusing on South African composers and in line with this development Mashiloane is currently busy with his PHD focusing on South African composers. This series of performances by Mashiloane is part of the Concerts SA Venue Circuit which aims to foster a love and support for live music in our communities, as well as anchor small and medium sized venues in urban and rural Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Western Cape.

It was established in to bring together researchers, practitioners, and users of various types of impact assessment from all parts of the world.

Affiliates operate separately and independently of IAIA and are responsible for their operating structures and activities, however they share the same interest in improving the Impact Assessment IA capacity within their own countries.

The EIA process is a crucial mechanism used to regulate the impact of development activities. Environmental Impact Assessments have been compulsory in South Africa since The regulations sought to streamline the process while addressing concerns raised by stakeholders over timeframes, duplication and inter-governmental cooperation.

Despite the strides made towards an improved efficient and effective EIA system, there are criticism and perceptions of inadequacy about the success of the current EIA system as a tool for environmental impact management. The results of the study will be presented and discussed at this conference. The outcomes of the study will highlight the successes and shortcomings of the tool and identify measures for improvement thereof.

This will be followed by a process to formulate a national environmental impact management strategy and action plan for South Africa. All these changes and challenges pose a threat to the sustainability of the physical and human environment, and growing inequality threatens both the social and natural environment. More information about the conference can be accessed through the following link: Zama is a versatile vocalist that aims to keep us inspired in her latest musical theater performance.

The entrance fee is R80 and tickets are available at the door. Miriam Makeba, who was a vocalist and human rights activist, was the first soloist to put African melodies abroad in the s.

Her and her band have chosen songs from different era of her illustrious career including favorites like Pata Pata and Click song, but also the ballads like Promise and the heart wrenching offerings. The lyrical content and amazing arrangements influence me as a musician daily. Even in my own original material, I try and produce music that you will still be enjoying in 20 years from now. We are inviting people from all backgrounds and ages to come watch this show, as we are honoring a legendary South African musician that we want to keep alive throughout generations.

The performance will also feature the uLozolo dancers and with choreography by Lucky Cele. For this performance drummer Boikanyo will be accompanied by Lungelo Ngcobo on keys and Qhubekani Mthethwa on bass guitar.

Furthermore we will be revisiting some of the great South African standards that have paved the path to make South African jazz to be on the map of the world. We promise our audience a great listening, love and dancing pleasure.

At a young age Bernice started crafting his own drums, boring holes into 5-litre paint tins, around which he stretched tyre tubes to make and explore different tones, despite this he took on the bass and guitar into his teenage years, this early passion for the beat, only later unfolded and made a return. For the first four years, he focussed on the piano as a fundamental basis for making music, then in , when he heard one of his part-time teachers, play the drums, Bernice realised that drums were still his thing.

This series of performances by Boikanyo is part of the Concerts SA Venue Circuit which aims to foster a love and support for live music in our communities, as well as anchor small and medium sized venues in urban and rural Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Western Cape. She started singing at the age of 9 at Church but took it seriously in where she worked with the likes of DJ Flair on Shiya track which did very well across radio stations. He exposed me to the Music Industry to learn the business side of it.

I want to give my fellow brothers and sisters the same feeling of satisfaction. The local community, the Ximba people, were awarded a land restitution claim in terms of a settlement agreement in April While South Africa is the third mega-diverse country, the biodiversity economy in this case the wildlife and bioprospecting sector has not reached its full potential in terms of contributing towards livelihoods and the economy of the country as it remains largely unrecognised, underdeveloped and untransformed.

This project is a pioneer in leading this sector to its full potential. The project has unlocked a further R million private investment for the development of the eco-estate. A total of 76 job opportunities were created through the project, with 15 Field Rangers having been trained and employed. Each year, hundreds try out but only 10 can be selected to participate after the judges have narrowed down the entries and conducted interviews with the hopefuls where the inspiration behind the storyboards they have submitted, is discussed.

The judging panel going through the storyboards received were: And for the second year in a row, the SAMA office makes public the complete list of entries. This sustained and substantial increase is a vote of confidence in the integrity and prestige of the SAMA as the ultimate music honour for local and continental musicians.

We release these entries for the industry and music supporters to be kept abreast of the developments as we progress through the stages of the SAMA. We also do so to avoid any surprises when we announce the final nomination list in the next few weeks.

Recording companies and interested parties were invited to submit entries over a period of three months starting in November until February A stringent vetting process presided over by RiSA officials and record company representatives ensured that the entries met all the eligibility requirements. Those who ticked all the boxes have been handed over to panels of independent judges drawn from radio, television, newspapers, blogs and the recording industry for judging.

U has learnt with shock the sad news of the passing of Ms. Madikizela-Mandela was one of the powerful, strongest people I have come to know. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela demonstrated leadership throughout her political career; herself being incarcerated, being in solitary confinement, her transition from the leader of the movement to government.

The African Renaissance Unity Party appreciates her guidance towards the governing party which along the way moved away from its purpose, ensuring that the party does not forget that it exist for the people. U will remember her for the sacrifices she made, her heroism, her strength and her fighting spirit. She started off her career at a local art centre where she spent a lot of time sharpening her skills. Following this release her music has been played on many radio stations and she has appeared on various television shows.

The audience can expect great music and a thrilling performance. This concert is part of the Concerts SA Venue Circuit that aims to foster a love and support for live music in our communities, as well as anchor small and medium sized venues in urban and rural Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Western Cape.

Thuli was under the dance crew M. B and used to battle with other Gqom performers across KZN. Later in December her dancing career took off when she rehearsed and performed with Bongekile Simelane who is known as Babes Wodumo, Thuli began to tour the country and worked as a dancer at West Ink Records.

You can watch the video below. From the dusty streets of Tembisa, an uncut diamond in the form of Touchline real name Thabo Mahlwele emerged. Touchline has been in the music scene for quite some time and started recording his own music at the age of Dr Tumi delivers some powerful singing at this musical moment that bookmarks a chapter in his career that proves his popular appeal in gospel circles and compelling devotion.

The interaction with the crowd, young and old — in the form of singalongs, bodily expressions or lit cellphones in the air — is a sight to behold. From the lively and energetic Open Heaven to the poignant Speak a Word and Trust and Obey, Dr Tumi takes his audience on an unforgettable and fulfilling worship experience.

This DVD captures the essence and spirit of the concert very well. This one is for the collection. All songs are written and produced by Dr Tumi. Vodacom is proud to have previously announced their digital partnership in support of Dr Tumi and the Gathering of the Worshippers. It is our passion as one of the top consumer brands, to enable and build a digital connected society.

SASSA is on course to achieving this goal of ensuring that payment of social grants is insourced. It has already made direct transfers into approximately 2,4 million personal bank accounts for the month of March The beneficiaries involved in this exercise are about 2. The rest of the remaining 8. As compared to the month of February, a growth of about has been realised in terms of beneficiaries choosing to use the commercial bank payment channel. If this test is successful, the only beneficiaries who will not fall under SASSA direct payments in the short term will be close to 2.

SASSA has already issued a tender for a contractor to assist with these cash payments and the appointment will be made in due course. Beneficiaries of social grants are advised to ignore agents who claim that the current SASSA card has expire and is being replaced by another card.

The current SASSA card will still be valid until December and there is currently no need for beneficiaries to move to another card. However, in the meantime, all beneficiaries are reassured that the current SASSA card will continue to work. Every social grant beneficiary is also advised that it is a personal choice whether to have their social grant paid into a personal bank account.

Any beneficiary who wants their grants to be paid directly into their bank account must provide details of their personal bank account to SASSA. Payment of a social grant into a bank account is most convenient. If you want to change, please contact your nearest SASSA office or phone 60 10 11 for more information. They are requested to respond to those letters urgently. Beneficiaries who are not sure about the information being provided should call the SASSA toll-free number on 60 10 11 for any queries.

Today would be the day. It had to be. Squeezing the red paste out of the closeup tube, I prepped myself for what could potentially be the best- or worst- day of my life. I was never the type of girl to walk up to a guy and declare my undying love for him… Or am I?

Woolies had the sweetest treats to make any girl smile. However, today, the tables would turn in my favour. Red toothpaste, red lips, I was armoring myself in all things red, to just my confidence enough to blurt out my deepest secret…. What adds to that, is the effect of bad oral hygiene. You can forget about reeling him or her in with your amazing personality or your super long list of achievements, if the first thing that catches his attention is some awful smell coming from your direction.

In addition to tearing down plaque, we also want to tear down barriers that prevent us from finding love- illogical, irrational invisible nothings that, due to societal conventions, are actually somethings. Be free to make your choices, be free to get closeup. Anything non-traditional, just like anything traditional, is beautiful and should be celebrated. In a society that is considered to be so unique and diverse, we divide.

So get out there. Put your brave pants on. Find your prince or princess and pucker up. Time is precious and so are you. The primary objective and goal of INKAF is to create platforms and opportunities for community-based, aspirant and emerging artists, creatives, social entrepreneurs to access information, showcase their talents, network with professionals from the Creative Industries and to forge local and cross-border collaborations with an aim to create economic opportunities.

This year will showcase over 50 emerging musicians, six theatre productions and as well as film screenings and fashion and visual arts exhibitions. Education and Development is the heart of this festival; this year the festival will run Capacity Building Workshops to give information and capacitate community based artists.

Local Artists, creatives and the general community are all invited to take part in these events, in support of arts, culture and tourism development in the community. The primary objective of these activations is to engage with artists and other relevant stakeholders about the vision of the festival, address key concerns from artists and to educate emerging artists and creatives about the industry.

With the support from our partners, EThekwini Municipality: Mlondi is poet, aspiring model and photographer from Ntuzuma, he joined the team at the beginning February as the Arts Administration Intern, under the mentorship and guidance of Festival Founder and Director, Nelisa Mzimela.

Mlondi Ngcobo on Motaung Koalane on Our currency has strengthened since the outcome of the 54 th ANC National elective conference and this outlines widespread optimism for his leadership. This is good news for business. The manufacturing sector offers more job creation opportunities than most. The Durban Chamber applauds the President on the initiatives planned to reform the governance of state-owned entities.

These institutions represent critical state infrastructure and cannot be left to operate in disarray and fall into mismanagement under our watch.

They need to create added value to the nation and not be a drain on its finances. Healthy state owned enterprises will help reduce pressure on the fiscus. The Durban Chamber welcomes the opportunity to collaborate, as organised business, with Government in restoring confidence and preventing any further investment downgrades.

A sound strategy cannot separate one from the other and any strategy for development must acknowledge our interdependence and reflect strong cooperation and collaboration starting with involvement in the process of solution formulation. We believe that convening a Jobs Summit to strategise around unemployment will indeed be beneficial to the economy. This is in line with the vision of the Chamber to drive programmes and adopt economic development policies and strategies that lead to the creation of meaningful, sustainable jobs in both the public and private sectors.

The Durban Chamber recommits to deepening our contribution to addressing this social issue. The establishment of a task team to speed up the implementation of new projects, particularly water projects, health facilities and road maintenance is remarkable. Infrastructure is a catalyst to economic development. Therefore it is critical that Government provides and maintains a safe, secure, reliable, effective, efficient and fully integrated infrastructure network which meets the needs of individuals and businesses, while simultaneously facilitating local economic development and supporting government strategies and plans.

The focus on skills for the digital age is critical to the attraction of investment into SA. He has promised to roll out the red carpet for SMMEs instead of the usual red tape and the Chamber will certainly hold him to delivering on this key and fundamental issue for our members. The Durban Chamber calls for deeper engagement between private and public sectors to provide healthcare access to all in SA. The good health and wellbeing of the workforce is a critical factor for productivity and growth.

In conclusion, The Durban Chamber acknowledges the remarks by President Cyril Ramaphosa to fight corruption, fraud and collusion. Very clear intentions have been communicated by the President to deal with corruption both in private and public sectors and this is encouraging, as is bringing governance in SEO leadership structures.

This song talks about promises of heaven and earth that were made in the name of love, and were never kept. The BAT Centre brings you another jazz ensemble which will definitely leave you staggered and dazzled from the beginning till the end of the show!

The band is not only influenced by the sounds of jazz, but also by our local cultural sound — Umbhaqanga. As usual, our jam session will follow after the Sunday Jazz Sundowners performance. Ube ngumhleli wokuqala wephephandaba lesiZulu iSolezwe ngowezi UMnu Mgwaba uke waphathala maphephandaba alandelayo njengomhleli: At age 7 he began singing in the church as well as talent shows in his neighborhood.

In high school Masandi was the lead trumpeter in the school brass band. Whilst completing his degree, his love for the performing arts continued to flourish. He added acting and modeling to his repertoire. It was during this period that he joined a hip hop group called Niche Fam where, naturally, he became the lead singer. Niche Fam achieved success speedily — quickly becoming household names in KZN as well as generating a lot of buss throughout the country.

Masandi played the character Jojo who was loved dearly by fans of the show. He also managed to land a role as a lead character on a movie called Sugar Mama which was released in It was played on all the leading radio stations and received rave reviews, so much so that the hit single attracted the attention of legendary rapper K. Plenty of people strive to support diversity and want to have an open-mind, well rap can help you get there.

I had not done a song specifically dedicated to the wonderful people that have contributed to my creativity, happiness and growth as an individual. I called El Koba and when he liked the idea we went straight to studio. The single is taken off his latest album Love, Light, Music 2 which was released to critical acclaim in A trained musician and academic, a husband and a father, Zakes understands the love language and what it is to give love.

Choosing the best of love is an infectious, upbeat, melodic, sexy and warm song with both vocalists providing raw and distinct sounds that get to gel together beautifully as the song progresses.

Zakes brings an urban traditional tone which has influences of his musical heroes, the likes of Fela Kuti, Salif Keita. This is a song for lovers, appreciating your partner as they are and choosing the best of love in them, the best of love for yourself, choosing love daily. Hugely inspired by a number of industry greats such as Caiphus Semenya and the late Bra Hugh, Zakes believes that he still has a lot to contribute to the fast growing industry. Having study music, worked behind the scenes, nurturing talent and setting stages alight, this.

His albums have not only won him accolades but the biggest prize, the hearts of his adoring fans. The tour is all about spreading love. The tour will commence on the 1st week of February till the end. The girls pointed out that Southern African men needs to be loved hence the tour. The three ladies all have love songs tailor made for their countrywide tour.

They will do few special performances in various provinces. Sindi the former Idols songstress, with new self-titled album is back to dish what made her a household name when she was dubbed the new Brenda Fassie during the Idols tenure.

Sindi is a multi talented singer who also plays various music instruments. The all — male band consist of seven members, namely: The passion the members possess for their art is evident in the commitment they exude every time they get on stage.

Excellence, integrity and passion are some of the values that Tutti Grooves lives by. Playing different instruments is not only what these young men are gifted at, their vocal capabilities are mind-blowing. Although they do perform music by other musicians, they also write their lyrics and compose their own music. Admission is always FREE!

The EP, which D. The title refers to the reality that D. EE is pursuing his dream in the big city lights of Johannesburg, which is a two hour drive from his hometown of Geelhout GPark , Rustenburg. We need to enact policies that will ensure that there is an increased and affordable access to the internet connectivity.

It can eliminate gender digital divide which remains most severe in poorer countries. Chairperson of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Ms Lindiwe Maseko who was one of the speakers said public policy is another mechanism for change and gender equality.

She further said that parliamentarians should heed a call to ensure that the legislative process is open and transparent for women to participate. The Gender Sensitization Workshop also addressed the issue of women representation in decision making bodies of the society. Guest speakers stressed the need to mentor young women in leadership roles and the allocation of resources to drive the women empowerment agenda.

The single was officially dropped on the 13th January , on all digital platforms. This up-tempo, feel good hip-hop styled song reminds people that we are blessed daily, as joy comes in the morning. Following closely to the footsteps of their father, legendary Bishop Benjamin Dube, the talented trio is focused and set to raise the banner of Jesus Christ even higher.

When praises go up, blessings come down. Hugh Masekela, a giant of South African music who gave soundtracks to many generations, departed this world yesterday morning after a brave fight with prostate cancer. Bra Hugh, as he was affectionately known, was a towering figure in local music, first as one of the few remaining elder statesmen of music and secondly as a well of wisdom having been in the industry for over six decades.

His death is a monumental loss. He displayed a rare quality and commitment to the cause of culture till the end. He never once contemplated retirement, but remained resolute in his work as an artist and a social commentator through his music and his standpoint on issues that confront the African societies of today.

After Father Trevor Huddleston presented him with a trumpet he never looked back. He blew it until the world echoed with his sounds. He reached international fame when, in , he released Grazing in the Grass which topped American pop charts and was a worldwide hit.

Among his rich catalogue is the ever popular Stimela and Thanayi which resonated with the young and old. He was a permanent fixture in the live jazz concert circuit and beyond. A recipient of the National Order of Ikhamanga Gold which was bestowed on him in for his contribution to music and the struggle against apartheid, Masekela was an advocate of Black Pride and made no excuses about it.

South Africans will forever remember the spirit of Bra Hugh and what he represented. He was a fearless campaigner and activist, but above all an icon of South African music. The world knows of us because of his contributions and how he remained an African.

It is the end of an era, of a life well lived. He was right up there with the best of the best. Rest in peace Bra Hugh, you ran a good race. This follows after the song got a high rotation on national radio stations and Mavilos had the opportunity to be interviewed by the renowned Ernest the DJ from Alex FM.

Mavilos has expressed the excitement of his new music video release and receiving massive love from his fans, who called in during the interview. We are reviving the golden glory days of Afro beat house music. You can stream, download and share the song, which is available from all digital stores. Chartered accountant and political analyst Khaya Sithole has been invited to serve as a keynote speaker.

Members of the media are cordially invited to attend and to cover this event. Leading Gqom Duo Distruction Boyz took to social media to advise their fans about the importance of being safe during the festive season. We know the number of accidents that take place on our roads this time of the year and Distruction Boyz being one of the most influential entertainment personalities saw it as their responsibility to remind South Africans of the consequences of drunk driving.

We know that you will be going out to have fun dancing to our music but please do not drink and drive, always wear a seat belt and get a sober driver. After a four-year hiatus from the music industry, Sindi Nene is back! In a bid to conquer the music world once again, Sindi started working with Music in July and will release the full album of thirteen tracks on iTunes and hardcopy early A firm favourite of the judges with rave reviews for her vocal abilities, she landed a deal with Universal Music Records soon after.

This latest project is a Neo-Soul album produced by Wash Mahlangu, an in-house producer for record label, Music, with Sindi as the author and composer of the work and Arthur Mafokate as the executive producer. Fans can expect to get to know Sindi in every track — lover, fighter, believer, sister, friend and feminist. Vocally my tone is different, with just the right mix of colour and diversity to add a unique element to each track.

Dedela, the first single from the album, is currently enjoying airplay on all major radio stations, with the music video rotating on MTV Base. Every track on the album has a story that would resonate with South African citizens; especially women. Infertility is a real issue that many couples are faced with in the modern day and age. Though unconventional, there are other methods of obtaining your dream family. Gift Ov Life has been leading the way in facilitating the egg donation process for over 7 years and has successfully done over donor to recipient egg donation cycles since its inception in Why you should consider egg donation.

We are leaders in the world of egg donation because we put your needs, and a professional approach, before our own needs for any recognition in the work we do. As a donor, you are entirely supported by the Gift Ov Life staff, who avail their professional advice, experience and care to you for the entire process from start to finish and beyond. Whether you are looking to assist a hopeful family or looking to start one of your own, Gift Ov Life is there with you every step of the way.

How to become a part of the egg donation process. The process of donating your eggs is done in 7 easy steps. If you are interested in being a part of this miraculous journey, please visit http: Listen to it here: The completion of the R1. It cuts off a massive 16 kilometres for traffic using N3 to connect to N2, and will help eradicate the legacy of colonialism and apartheid-based spatial planning. Saturday, 2 December Time: The SA Music Awards has spruced up a few categories as the call for entries gathers momentum.

I also wish to encourage our musicians to submit entries for SAMA consideration before the deadline. As part of the Launch The Leadership handed over a fully furnished show house to Mrs Thokozile Zulu Ward 16 , a pensioner who currently lives with her 49 year old daughter who is psychologically ill and also with her 16 grandchildren whom some of them are still at school and some have completed their matric but are unable to find stable jobs.

Mrs Sikakane is wheelchair bound now, because of her age she is unable to walk anymore. She is also taking chronic medication for diabetes and arthritis and she needed extra care as she was unable to do things on her own so a care giver was assigned to her on a full time basis to look after her.

Mr Pillay in his address warned political leaders against the recent incidents where they interfered with service delivery because of the assumption that it is part of campaigning for the up coming elections 29 November Ubeseqhuba ngokuthi akukwazi ukuthi umuntu alaphe aphinde abulale, laba abazibiza ngabelaphi kodwa bebulala kumele sibambisane bakhishwe inyumbazane ukuze kuphiliswe I Sizwe, umuntu obulalayo akayona inyanga, ungumthakathi.

His Majesty has directed that we make this important announcement on behalf of the Royal Household and the people of KwaZulu-Natal. The two events will take place at eNyokeni Royal Palace starting at 10h00 on both days.

After some years, the Prophet again paid a visit to the Royal Family, and he found King Solomon with whom he developed a very good relationship. The Prophet was then joined by many followers — from Nongoma and the surroundings.

The ailing leader died afterwards. The process entailed open and frank discussions with church leaders giving a full account on what had led to internal differences. The Royal Household appreciated the courageous leadership displayed by church leaders towards peace and reconciliation. The ceremony saw Prophet Mduduzi Shembe and His Majesty reconciling and in the process marking the beginning of a new era.

As we approach these important events, we pray to God that he grants His Majesty more strength so that he will continue to be the champion of peace, reconciliation and unity of all our people. The aim of the provincial Invest SA OSS is to provide strategic guidance, reduce regulatory inefficiencies, and reduce red tape for all investors looking to invest in KwaZulu-Natal.

The process leading to the launch has been an excellent example of collaboration between different levels of government, with the centre to be jointly operated by the Department of Trade and Industry the dti with the Provincial government and KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs.

Minister of Trade and industry, Dr Rob Davies says that the value-proposition for the Provincial One Stop Shops is the co-ordination and incorporation of the special economic zones, provincial investment agencies, local authorities and the relevant government departments involved in regulatory, registration, permits and licensing matters. As guided by the Provincial Growth and Development Plan, we are focusing on different sectors of the economy such as ICT, maritime, drilling of oil and gas and chemical manufacturing.

President Jacob Zuma formally announced the establishment of InvestSA in the State of the Nation Address and also informed business leaders of the initiative in February Business people had informed government on many occasions of the difficulties and delays they incur when having to move from one department or institution to another to obtain licences and other services and government has responded through this initiative.

After a two year hiatus, Revolution, the dance duo is making us dance again. Keep up to date with Revolution here: The group made up of four incredible talents, Bubele Mgele, Happy Motha, Bonginkosi Motha and Mluleki Chuma is leaving for Russia on the 12th and stage their last show on the 18th November. The group will be sharing the stage with the likes of Simphiwe Dana, Wouter Kellerman and dance extraordinaire Gregory Maqoma.

IComplete has released two brand new albums, Isiqala and Nawe, acapella fused with infectious African harmonies, beats and with songs that cater to both the young and old. Their music is uplifting, relatable and proudly African with a global influence from their travels. The group is elated to be touring Russia especially performing alongside esteemed African artists they love.

On their return, the group will be working on their album launch. Interact with iComplete on social media: The SAMAs seek to honour excellence in music by South African artists who have released new material between 1 February — 31 January , across some over 25 categories encompassing various South African musical genres. They will be whittled down to the top 5 nominees in every category. The winner will be decided and announced at a star-studded ceremony later in These human rights defenders have since been accused of promoting homosexuality, leading to their arrest and detention for merely attempting to assist others in the realisation of fundamental human rights.

The African Charter, to which Tanzania is a signatory since and which it then ratified in , provides for the right to liberty and to the security of the person at Article 6. The Commission is concerned that the detention of the group of litigators is an affront to this provision which clearly states: In particular, no one may be arbitrarily arrested or detained.

Tanzania as a state therefore has an important role in the observance of the African Charter and human rights within the continent.. The Commission calls upon the Department of International Relations and Co-operation of the Republic of South Africa to exhaust all efforts in ensuring that all the human rights defenders are released.

The Commission also calls on the African Union to intervene and urges Tanzania to observe its commitments under the African Charter and release these litigators. DigiFest 4 , is a public event that looks to celebrate the creative spirit through multimedia projects from disciplines such as visual and performing arts and promotes a collaboration across art, science and technology.

It is about questioning and going beyond traditional notions of art in an interdisciplinary, multimedia world, where design and creativity merge and interact with science and technology broadly. Opening night takes place on 6 November and will highlight a collaborative live audio visual performance coordinated by Johannesburg-based electronic artist, cultural activist and producer, Marcus Neustetter and featuring a selection of local artists.

The Alumni and Development Department will be running a competition to pledge support for the Missing Middle campaign. In a new fashion, the festival will host a series of events across venues in Durban. The night features a special performance by Zimbabwean multi-media artist Robert Machiri. B-Tech students final portfolio exhibitions will be on display and student run pop-up shops will have jewellery and craft on sale.

The City Campus explodes with creativity on Friday, November 10 from 10am with a host of prominent speakers in the world of arts, design and digital media.

In the courtyard students entrepreneurs showcase their products and innovations. Exhibitions open throughout the afternoon and feature projects from various departments including graphic design, jewellery, interior design, journalism and video technology as well as individual exhibitions from range of young local artists working in the digital arts.

The Makerspace hosts a workshop that will allow a fixed number of participants the opportunity to collaborate and build doodle bots.

All are welcome and entrance is free with exception of 11 November events at Steve Biko where tickets will be free for students and R40 for the public. God has been amazing but we cannot forget our supporters from all over Mzansi. Businesses in Durban have reported extensive damage to property and loss of productivity. Valuable assets that contribute to the day to day operations of businesses were put at risk to the extent of some losing these assets.

In addition, the South of Durban was crippled by the weather conditions, as a result making it difficult for people to reach various business destinations. Small businesses have also reported devastation with a huge challenge of getting back onto their feet and once again opening for business.

A storm of this magnitude is detrimental to the local economy especially in an already depressed economic environment. This translates into poor turnaround times and inefficiencies that amount to significant losses for business and in turn the economy. Over and above this, small businesses may not have adequate insurance to recover the losses, hence, jeopardizing the existence and sustainability of these businesses going forward.

If these losses are not recovered over time the local economy can suffer significantly. The Durban Chamber is taking a two pronged approach in providing support to local businesses and communities. The purpose of this call centre is to help link businesses with the relevant help needed. Businesses can contact the call centre on To this end, the Durban Chamber is collecting any contributions from business towards the most vulnerable communities worst hit by the storm.

Food, clothing and building supplies are desperately required to rebuild our vulnerable communities. In addition, suggested relief items include: Thus, far businesses have come on board in support of this initiative. The Durban Chamber continues to encourage business to continue to support this initiative. After two years of refinement, the glitz, glamour and excitement of the Royalty Soapie Awards RSAs will be returning in , and all soap operas shown in South Africa and their production companies are invited to enter.

As before, the event that celebrates the achievements of the South African soap opera sector will continue to honour all role-players in the industry including writers, actors, producers, set designers, technicians and more.

Soapie viewers are of course a vital voice and they too will get a chance to express their views when they vote in the all-important Most Popular Soapie of the Year category. Next year, several new and exciting developments will take the RSAs to the next level. One example of this is the establishment of the Royalty Soapie Foundation RSF , which will be the social responsibility beneficiary for the ceremony going forward.

The RSF will seek to assist young South Africans from marginalised communities and rural areas, as well as other designated groups such as the disabled, to gain access to education and skills specifically in the film and television sector. The Royalty Soapie Awards not only recognises accomplishments in the local television sector and honours the stars of the genre, but it also seeks to promote creativity, quality and excellence in South African soapie productions.

It is cause for great celebration that the Awards are returning in to give the industry the credit it truly deserves. There is an air of adventure that permeates KwaZulu-Natal , a kind of irresistible allure to investigate its nuances and experience its heart.

A big part of this appeal comes from its rich history and heritage, which has infused every part of it with a magical quality of diversity; celebrating differences and appreciating how the complex Zulu culture has shaped the vibrant, modern KZN of today. Although this province is bursting at the seams with glitzy malls, cutting-edge entertainment centres, and an endless variety of adventure sports; it is also home to some fantastic cultural villages. Visiting these gives guests the opportunity to meet with locals, listen to traditional songs, watch as they put on a dance performance to the beat of African drums, sample local cuisine, visit a traditional tavern shebeen , and get a glimpse into the life and customs of the Zulu folk.

Across the province, there are several villages that invite visitors to be part of the Zulu experience. Dumazulu is an important resource for supporting the local Zulu community in Hluhluwe. This is a fun and authentic Zulu culture experience. In addition to performances and traditional food, visitors also get a chance to sit with the local sangoma witch doctor and the herbalist inyanga , participate in a ceremony, and buy beautiful goods as reminders of their time here.

The cultural show and the tour through this Zulu village are highly recommended. Visitors can expect fantastic songs and dances, and an opportunity to meet the chief of this village as he addresses his visitors with authority and grace.

A six-course meal is included in this memorable experience. Products on offer include animal skins, woven baskets, beadwork and even traditional weapons. Situated right in the heart of the Mfule River Valley, against spectacular backdrops, is the charming Simunye Zulu Village.

Visitors are taken by donkey cart or ox wagon from the old trading store to get the opportunity to meet the Zulu folk, watch their performances, and listen to the soulful beat of the drums. Languorous traditional meals on the river banks or around the fire make this just about perfect.

Of course, KwaZulu-Natal is home to many more traditional villages. Each has its own unique drawcard. Families, honeymooning couples, corporate teams and backpackers alike will love exploring these and meeting the intriguing people that contribute to the magic of our Rainbow Nation. Every day, hundreds of thousands of South Africans travel to and from work, chasing their dreams and hustling for their next paycheck. If you live 20 km from your place of work, travel times can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on where you live and what the traffic is like.

That hours could soon turn into , or — when is enough, enough? You could take public transport, but that, too, is unreliable — just ask any Cape Town commuter who has lost hours from their day thanks to MetroFail. There are the well-documented safety issues to consider as well. The Beatles said it best: Carpooling or lift-clubbing is basically the process of sharing rides to a predetermined destination with one or more passengers who live nearby: Well, obviously splitting the travel costs by half or more can make a huge difference to your monthly budget.

But having someone in the car with you prevents the monotony of sitting in traffic all by your lonesome, day after day. Your car also gets something out of the deal, as well: Then there are the benefits to the world around you: Reduce the number of cars on the road and you reduce congestion.

Less cars also means less pollution and less of an impact on climate change. Well, the logistics, for one: If starting your own lift-club sounds like too much effort, there are a few local carpooling apps like JumpInRides and CarTrip that you can use instead.

The Johannesburg branch is holding acting classes every Saturday from We are very excited and pleased with this initiative and look forward to serving both existing and new talent from the Jhb office as we grow our business as one of South Africa leading talent agencies. Along with running her own music studio and being a Recording artist, Miranda saw a gap in the industry which led to her joining forces with her partner Zinzi in starting Star Quality Management.

Having established a solid career for herself, her dream was to be able to create stability and direction for future performers. For years SQ has trained and managed. She went on to do various corporate videos as well as voice over work for Craze and radio stations in Durban.

Her Passion for the arts saw her move to Johannesburg to attend the Prestigious South African school of Motion picture and Live performance, where she obtained her degree in Live performance. She is currently studying towards another degree at Wits Majoring in Psychology and Politics.

Where she hopes to obtain her Masters of Arts in Drama Therapy. The agency has placed artists in numerous productions, commercials and films in south Africa. The Festival will provide a platform to discuss factors that will help sustain the competitiveness of the City. The three-day conference is also aimed at empowering the youth and will bring together creative minds from different sectors to deliberate on a number of innovative and people-centered development based topics.

Technology experts from global and local partners will share their skills on the role youth can play to enhance the social and economic profile of the City. The work of talented youth who were winners of the Innovation Challenge held earlier this year will also be profiled. EThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede said innovation has been identified as one of the key drivers of local economic development and job creation. And as such the Municipality has initiated the Innovate Durban Programme to enhance economic growth and job creation, she said.

Running simultaneously with the Festival will be youth seminars aimed to help the youth address socio-economic challenges using modern devices. Mayor Gumede said she is confident that the line-up of experts will prove invaluable to the youth and other participants. KwaZulu Natal is home to two of the largest and busiest ports in South Africa. The KZN Exporter of the Year marks the 17th year of these prestigious Awards which are aimed at recognising the role players in this industry.

The aim of the awards, which are taking place on 19 th October , is to encourage new entrants and help existing exporters grow their businesses and develop new markets. Exporting companies and individuals are encouraged to enter these awards as increased participation from businesses across KZN will only strengthen a global footprint in exports and make the province more competitive.

Our primary strategic objective is not only to advocate on behalf of the eThekwini business community but it is also to facilitate and promote economic growth in the region in partnership with strategic stakeholders. Winners and nominees of the competition receive tremendous media exposure and are offered assistance and close support in prerequisites to successful exports as well as access to incentives for which they qualify.

Tickets are available for table purchases and at individual seats: R9 per seat: R11 per seat: The imbizo, which will be held under the theme: There will be demonstrations of urban farming methods such as the Tower Garden, where greywater is used, family drip system through rainwater harvesting and Pallets gardening by the use of compost for planting. The Deputy Minister will plant a vegetable garden and fruit trees at the church field and establish orchards at Coastal College.

He will also visit and assist agricultural and aquaculture projects in the area. Sixty-two households have been identified to receive starter pack packs, seeds and fruit trees. This, said Mayor Gumede, will attract investments and create more employment.

The programme aims to address cleanliness and safety related issues which includes crime and grime, illegal trading and derelict buildings. Mayor Gumede applauded City officials for the great work undertaken in the past three weeks as part of the first phase of the programme that ensured cleanliness, compliance and safety. Mayor Gumede outlined the key elements of the programme which are; safety and security, saying that an outcome-based visible security team is to carry out key protection mandates with clear indicators for each precinct.

The second element is to promote informal trading by streamlining trading areas, providing associated facilities and having a progression plan for street traders as they are positive contributors to the local Gross Domestic Product. The third element of the programme is ensuring a revived waste management plan, which will talk to business needs as well as residents. The City will also continue to implement its by-law enforcement strategy.

Furthermore, the City will continue carrying out its environmental awareness campaigns and stimulate interest and active participation from communities to promote, enhance and protect the green areas in the City. During the launch, a consolidated radical Durban CBD regeneration enforcement strategy and eThekwini integrated inner City local area plan was presented for businesses, stakeholders and residents to give input. This new name is the isiZulu way of saying their name and one that uniquely identifies and celebrates their African heritage.

The group consciously seeks to give hope and spread love to their ever growing fan base both locally and internationally. In the last two years they signed to Makotopong Sound Studios a record label renowned for great technical production standards and allowing their artists creative freedom. They have spent the time touring and recording their first professional album. The material they recorded was enough for a double album but organically and logically evolved into two albums with two distinctly separate flavours.

An extrovert who is soul-driven, fun to be around and proud of his roots and traditions. He matriculated at Hillcrest High School in and began his music career at the age of The programme includes industry workshops, screenings at surrounding townships and rural areas as well as the opening and closing night film screenings. It was produced as a community project where all stakeholders contributed what they know to make it a success, and the good thing about it is that it is starring up and coming actors from UMthwalume.

It is a well-crafted doccie-film that must not be missed. The film interweaves three separate plots, which intersect and intertwine in a gripping, deeply moving and often funny narrative about struggling for survival and dignity in the city. The confirmed screenings and industry workshops are;. Outreach visits and screenings will take place at Gamalakhe hall, Umthwalume Hall and Margate Library at 14h00 from 22 to 24 September.

Not surprisingly, the event is regarded as a highlight in the Durban and KZN business calendar. There is a renewed sense that Business leadership will be critical in this dispensation to ensure that Africa turns its fortunes to the benefit of all her inhabitants. We would like to thank our platinum partners, Vodacom, and our gold partners, ECR and The Mercury for their continued support.

Both the Mercury and the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry are celebrating over years of business leadership. Is the December 13, release date of Tecmo Super Bowl a lie?

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