Reseña del Bróker DEGIRO


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Mini-Nikkei 225 is the most liquid futures contracts in Asia

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There was no major selling climax of volume prior to the correction itself. Loved your book on price volume analysis, it was the first book I read on trading, and the last.

I read the news for humor to get an idea of how the markets are being manipulated. Now, to quote your article: Playing the bid and ask to create large volume, in order to make it appear like a reversal! Perhaps not, but to me it looks like we have been rising on relatively low volume since I will finish this email by saying this — I read your book about 2 years ago, so I have been watching charts all day for about 1.

I am a newbie compared to you. I just ask because you have such conviction with your statement, and I am not so sure about it. I have been watching 1 — minute charts for quite a while, and I see more distribution than accumulation. Looking more and more like a trap to me.

We will see what happens in this last hour! Moving to your question on the current price action, the post written here really refers to the longer timeframe and not so much on an intraday basis, although on Friday I was trading this myself to the long side. The volumes that we are seeing on the daily chart at present are stopping volume and we may see further consolidation at this level before the market develops a longer term bullish trend once again.

The reason for this is simple — the market makers cannot absorb all the selling pressure from such a move in one day — it takes time for the selling to be absorbed. With regard to wether this is a selling climax or a buying climax, it is the latter, since the market makers are unlikely to be selling after such as deep move lower of over points. Of course in any sharp move lower, the market makers do accumulate stock which they then have to sell into a weak market, but this is generally seen as narrow spread up candles on high volume, something we have yet to see.

What is also significant is that there was no selling climax in the cash market — just a single candle with ultra high volume as the pre-cursor. The motto is just enough to scare people into selling, but not enough to frighten then off for good.

After all, why kill the goose that lays the golden eggs!! The next few days and weeks will be interesting and it will be no surprise to see the market retest the level created here before building a platform for a longer term return to bullish sentiment. On an intraday basis of course, the last few days have been wonderful for day traders in all markets. So some interesting times ahead. All best wishes and many thanks again and wishes you every success — Anna.

Thank you for your great analysis and I must say your analysis has been spot on. I am new to VPA and I always look forward to your posts. I have a question about the prior move up from to Prior to that, when I look at the move down to , it was supported by high volume.

I have noticed, you conduct the VPA only on daily charts.