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Welcome to the EUR UAH history summary. This is the Euro (EUR) to Ukraine Hryvnia (UAH) exchange rate history summary page, detailing days of EUR UAH historical data from Saturday 7/07/ to.

In this page you'll also find basic information about Euro and Ukrainian Hryvnia currency, banknotes and their coins.

EUR/UAH currency information

Euro (EUR) is the currency used in Europe. Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) is the currency used in Ukraine. Exchange rates listed in above table are based on inter-banking exchange rates .

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This lets you decide if the current rate is in your favour. You can also view our various charts of EUR versus other currencies: The total transaction cost you will be charged is the margin from the mid-rate offered by your foreign exchange provider plus any fixed or percentage fees. These margins and fees will vary significantly for International Money Transfers and Travel Money transactions.

The exact potential savings depends on the currencies being exchanged and the amount you are transferring and if you are willing to shop around. Whenever you are researching a particular exchange rate you are actually interested in two currencies as the value of a currency must always be quoted relative to a second currency.

So it follows that if you are determining the best time to transact, in this case the EUR vs UAH, you should pay attention to both Euro and Ukrainian Hryvnia news and forecasts. Against the pound and Australian dollar, year-to-date the euro was 1 percent higher and 5 percent higher respectively.

Terms of Service Privacy Statement. A good solution for closed currencies is to use a pre-paid travel card to avoid carrying large amounts of cash and also minimise ATM fees - Compare Travel Cards You can calculate equivalent Euro to Ukrainian Hryvnia currency amounts at mid-rate below.

Enable Javascript to use calculator function. Euro Ukrainian Hryvnia 0. The closer your final exchange rate is to this real market rate the better deal you are getting. You should also judge how the current rate compares to the historic rate over the past 10 years. Compare your Bank's transaction costs to several licensed FX providers, remember to compare the exchange rate margins as well as the various types of fees.