This swing handle provides the functionality of a single or multi-point manual latching system with the added benefits of remote locking & unlocking and remote access control monitoring. Perfect for data centre server rack cabinets.

Gearbox for multi-point system. Mechanical lock status output Mating connector detail Crimp socket Crimping contact for socket 24 AWG wire minimum recommended Notes For grip ranges Swing handles, cam operation, Euro profile lock Swing handles, cam operation Swing handles, gearbox operation, Euro profile lock Swing handles, gearbox operation Three point locks Locking rods and accessories Stainless steel locking rods and accessories Heavy duty recessed paddle handles.


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The barcodes will just be treated as if the user had entered some text. I am not sure if the scanners will be set up to append an enter or a tab or nothing on the end, so I don't want to make an assumption on that basis. I need it to not trigger the binding until the whole string is entered.

The tricky bit is that this should work wherever the user is focussed in the screen. They will not normally enter characters, so some kind of trigger on that might work.

I am not sure how to handle the rest of the string though. Apologies if it wasn't clear in the question, but the barcode scanner isn't anything "special" to the application, it's just like another keyboard.

So the user won't be typing in print , but effectively that is what the barcode scanner will be doing, if that makes sense. So there are only two ways to trigger the print: The tricky part is that the user can be focussed anywhere on the application.

I am only worried about if the application has focus as a whole, not which field the user is focussed on. I had a problem just like yours, and created a project currently proof of concept with some problems to make barcode handling in swing easier. It is based in the fact that the barcode readers emulate a keyboard but differently to humans they "type" with a constant timing. It will basically allow you to listen to "barcode read" events. It has some problems now but as a starting point I think it is ok, if you have time to improve it it would be great.

Correct me if I missunderstood, but it sounds like you have a barcode-scanner which will enter text into a field. But you want to be alerted when the text in the field equals something so an action can take place regardless of how it was entered by barcode scanner or key press. I'd recommend using a DocumentListener to alert you of changes to the text field - this should work with both of your requirements. I do not completely understand the question, and this is a bit too long to put in a comment.

As far as I understood it, you have a Swing application and a bar-code scanner which has 3 different ways to trigger the same operation. The part I do not understand is why the scanning of the bar code, which should trigger the print action, has anything to do with the UI-part where the user can input text. I assume the scanning of the barcodes happens on another thread then the Event Dispatch Thread.

Once you scanned a barcode and parsed it, you need to trigger the "print" action. You can do this directly without bothering going through the UI.

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Swing handles provide a low profile, slim design with a large range of latching movement. Single point to multi-point latching options, key, combination, and software-controlled locking options are available. Rotacaster makes manual movement of loads safer, faster and easier. Insert - Self Aligning Bearings. Aluminum Profile System Hinges. Rotacaster Self Supporting Hand Trucks.

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