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Molanis Strategy Builder is a graphic environment to create expert advisors and custom indicators for MetaTrader. No coding, programming or MQL knowledge is required.

These include access to financial news and an economic calendar. Finally, the industry standard MetaTrader 4 trading platform should be able to serve traders of all experience levels. If you trade based on established NT strategies, then nothing is lost. Just browsed the website, still confused about real cost of having an account there.

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The Heiken Ashi Expert Advisor uses the default Heiken Ashi indicator or the modified Heiken Ashi Smoothed indicator to enter a trade.

I have some other strategies that go through long, long periods where nothing happens. And then BOOM, they start to spin off money. This upcoming Fall period, probably starting in September…things are really going to start popping. Emmett, You said that there will be some scalping strategies posted along with the trend strategies. I am extremely curious to read about a scalping strategy that you tested because that has been difficult to find. I believe once a market goes range bound which is 70 percent of the time any trend strategy will not be profitable.

As a result, a trader would also need a mean reversion strategy to add along with a trend strategy in order to possibly smooth out the equity curve. In my experience, if the market trended more often there would be more profitable traders or maybe I would be more profitable. Unfortunately, once the market starts to trade in a range one would have to find another market or possibly use a scalping strategy.

I have never seen an automated scalping strategy that was worth it. Look forward to the scalping strategy to satisfy some curiosity. Baron of Elitetrader apparently was a master scalper and trading-course seller as well. Thanks Pete, I will look into it. I have never met anyone that could scalp successfully unless they traded in the pit. Once they left the pit, not one of the successful pit traders that I knew were able to reproduce success electronically.

Is trying for 8 ticks a trade scalping, or is scalping getting into trades for 2 to 3 ticks a pop? I do not know anyone who successfully does the latter, despite the many gurus teaching such methods. Now, the former on the other hand …. Cyn, Scalping for 2 or 3 ticks is beyond the realm of retail depending on commissions and just too hard IMO. I also believe scalping to mean 2 to 4 points on the ES. Capturing the bid and ask seems to be extremely hard work. I always seemed to over trade when I went into the session with mind set of scalping, trending days make it much easier.

After analyzing my work, it appeared to me that most of my profits came from 25percent of my trading days. I would like to hear other opinions on the subject. OK, here is my opinion. I started to make money trading this would be technical trading when I realize what all the TR teach is a nothing but nonsense. They teach you to trade white noise. I then developed my Holly Grails based on what real traders talked about. In fact when I tell people my HGs they are like that is nothing new and I say no none of it is new.

But it requires you to accept reality of trading, which is quite different than the fantasy world the TR teach. And BTW they teach that nonsense for a reason. Sadly that is what a lot of folks want to hear, so that is what they tell them. These folks rather believe in pure fantasy where with a small account they will make a living off day trading. As for scalping, it goes against my one of my HGs and that is cut your losers and let your winners run. No one and I mean on one knows when they take a trade if it will be a winner or loser.

In fact some of the trades I think will do so well turn out to be the biggest losers. And most my trades are losers. If you can let your winners run they will overcome all the losers and then some. What a great discussion on scalping. I agree with everyone. I also started to improve when I let my winners run which obviously happened when the market makes an extended move. It is so much harder to preach than to practice. Thanks for your responses.

Completely useless info everyone already knew from elite. HFT made retail even worse no duh. It was discussed adnausem on bmt and even here in comments months back now regurgitated by gollumtroll.

Even tophotdog Bburns back in the last decade would teach dual time frame. That used to be the fad of having a min over a 1 to 3 min chart. But mostly we need to stop this disrespecting others who post here.

If you do it to one, new viewers will think you can do it to anyone. Maybe he does, maybe he learned from his disaster with Brooks. Let Pete be Pete. As to the higher time frame over lower issue, I do that and do it on all the markets I trade — multiple time frames — and for day trading. Most people get emotional when it comes to money, especially if duped.

The regular posters are trying to keep the vendors honest and I appreciate that. My view of trading profits happens to be inline with reality now thanks to this blog and the contributors. As far as multiple time frames, IMO you must go with the top down approach or be prepared to get run over.

Great pic post Cyn back then. Maybe your posts stand out, I would be flattered. I have noticed those screen names with an attempt to single you out. Who would be upset with that except cons themselves? When I was leaving to take a break about a month or so back, they tried knocking me on the way out, the baboon and one of the alters tried to insinuate I was going to start my own churn trading shamroom.

Amazingly, those alters, dtchump, drchurnNO, showed up usually when the sniping is going on at me again. I would think it would be rational to not be so trusting of someone who uses or assumes alternate names on this blog as a tool to indirectly snipe, have it both ways of a viewpoint, and have done so for a long time.

He used to be openly ridiculous and disgusting but finally quieted down when most of the active posters had enough of it, but now regularly uses alters to set the crude bait or alternately feign a new spotless persona. Hey churn — did you ever consider that other people here really dislike you and your rants? Maybe you should becuz I am one of those people. And I am not Pete. And I will be here as long as you are. So you better get used to me.

As for adding value, I cannot remember you ever making a post except to insult Dtchurn. Can you please show a link to the valuable post you added. Lastly you showed up exactly when Pete and Dtchurn where battling so it is very believable you are Pete or associated with him.

No one who knows your history is buying it, LOL. It is like Thrilla in Manila II. Personally when Pete or one of his alias start posting wacky stuff these days I just try and ignore it. I will respond if the post is somewhat rational. But he did go over the top making up Dtchurn alias. Could you imagine what Trump would be doing if that happened to him. There are literally no words to express my thoughts on your post, so I will just say I am sure Mike is just thrilled and jumping with joy with the advice and link you posted.

They finally moderated the cussing that was rampant years ago much of it not surprisingly spouted by the psycho vendors who live there. Did I miss something? It seems like Pete was trying to help me satisfy some curiosity with scalping.

Anyway, my experience with scalping, very small profit for too much effort. I still get duped into believing the guys that make money in futures on a daily basis are scalpers, maybe not the guys that just capture the spread, but the scalpers for larger profit.

I know that to be mostly fantasy now. I remember back in , I executed single round turns in the YM. I made a profit. But the biggest profit went to the broker. I remember thinking to myself—wow that was stressful and time-consuming. At times, it was a lot of fun. But other times, it just consumed me. Oh geez, this is bringing back memories…another scalping strategy I executed on the EuroStoxx So many thousands of trades, so little profit. And trading at midnight.

Scalping is emotionally and physically taxing. These guys state that the top producers at prop shops are dom scalpers. I did learn some decent tips on improving my entry with the dom, but I remain so curious on the validity of their products.

I would love to know if anyone knows about anyone that has been profitable on a regular basis with order flow only. I hear you MikeM. I know some people claim to be able to do it. But I was left wondering who to believe and why there was never proof any vendor who specialized in orderflow.

I will write about scalping strategies. As much as I love SW, I also see glitches all the time. You can test it to death and still get unexpected problems in the real world. I can not imagine letting some computer trade my saving. How about if something unexpected happens like a flash crash that sends the program into some unexpected loop where it just buys and sells in a manner you never expected. I was under the impression most firms that use trading algos at least have a staff member watching the trading.

I think it helps prove how ridiculous that any troll could ever call RobB a shill. I remember some months back where a shill was proclaiming he was an engineer promoting one of the vendor shams and RobB shut him up as he was a non-shill engineer which I found satisfyingly foolish of the tech shill. Too many degreed vendors , and even plastic mutilator doctors had turned to the dark side not to mention Handley, so this snakeoil disease of sham has affected so many no matter the background.

It was sad to hear about the firefighter friend dreaming he could quit his job and follow Ross of WarriorTrading and thought trading was better for his son than college. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do Not Send Email Notifications. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Summary Day trading crude oil futures contracts are extremely popular.

Learn to test trading theories. Take control of your future. Stop being a victim. Crude Oil Trading with a stupid simple entry technique. By introducing a volatility filter, our profit jumps higher. Emmett Moore June 27, Were you able to import the strategy OK? If so, then you should be able to simply place on the standard CL chart and it should work.

D Kebb July 3, James Duross July 7, Kleber August 15, Please keep it up. GemBow November 16, Kris Hawkins April 13, Hi Emmett, how do you code the Crude Oil entry? D Kebb June 27, I would be interested in seeing the original code though. Harsha s April 9, Ingo September 22, Emmett Moore July 14, Think i will test that.

Emmett Moore July 22, Dont tell everyone my secrets! I use all of those. RobR July 22, Cyn July 27, Rob B July 27, Dtchurn, That is not me!!!!!

Mike M July 27, John July 5, Which software are you using for testing? Cyn July 4, Amitc July 5, Emmett Moore July 5, Sure, I will post a pic tomorrow. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

Hi thanks for the info,could you clarify when start to calculate midpoint? Emmett Moore September 27, Emmett Moore July 6, Hopefully, this will help. Robert L July 6, However, the amount varies according to the payment method you choose and your trading account validation status. You can read more details about the deposit and withdrawal process in the Members Area.

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Right click to enable the context menu, which will allow you to save your trading history as an. The Experts folder is where you can add the expert advisors EAs. Once you are ready with this, restart the MT4 platform by closing it and then reopening it. Then make sure that the expert advisor button on the main tool bar is pressed. You should be able to see a smiley face in the top right-hand corner of your chart which shows that you have activated your EA correctly.

If everything is all right, but the EA still does not trade, see your log files via the Experts tab in the Terminal window you should be able to see what error occurs. You can also email us for further assistance at support xm. This is why you should search in your market watch window for the symbols with Micro extension e. Right-click these "grayed" symbols, and choose the Hide option to avoid any confusion. Feel free to contact your Personal Account Manager via live chat, email or by phone to schedule a presentation on MT4.

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