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Dieses Update wird wohl schon Andromeda gegolten haben. Bekommen wir es zur Build am 7. Mai oder sogar zum MWC vielleicht schon zu sehen? The Insiders programme came with a number of warnings, along the lines of 'by opting in, you agree that things may go horribly wrong and you may need to wipe your device at some point in the future'. Now, most of us ignored this glibly, upgrading away, switching Insiders rings without a care in the world, and usually without incident.

But glitches do happen, not just in The Matrix, but also in the Windows 10 Mobile Insiders programme. With another update for the start of , here's our directory of the very best of the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile world, now split into two for logistics reasons.

On this page are general, news, productivity, travel, time, and more. See this page for anything related to imaging or consuming media of any kind. In this article, we are listing some best priced online deals for Nokia 2, 3, 5.

The post Deals India: Or so evidence from the Microsoft Store suggests. Xamerin introduces backdoors through which malicious code can be injected?

That would be news to me. The latest Nokia Mobile official video stresses on the need of decluttering your phones in a humorous-o-philosophical manner. A good watch for sure.

Endless apps weighing you down? The South African Reserve Bank will issue a set of commemorative bank notes to honour former president Nelson Mandela's centenary. Quoridor 3D is a strategy game designed to challenge you in new ways. In fact, Quoridor itself started as a board game 20 years ago , but this is a new to me implementation for Windows phones In the vein of Chess or Go, you pit your wits against another human player or the computer and the aim is to progress your pawn actually a mouse to the other side of the board to capture, err It's well programmed on the whole, the 3D aspect works really well, and it'll tickle your logic circuits afresh.

A great new way to challenge the old grey matter Die "Sets" sind nicht mehr vorhanden? Das ist aber echt blöd - ich hab mich gerade da dran gewöhnt und nu sind sie schon wieder futsch Some of them laugh at my question. Microsoft has finally got round to not only fixing up the broken front camera support in Skype UWP everything was upside down , which happened on the 13th Jan , but also now fixing up the upside down back camera - this got inverted when they fixed the front cam!

InterC Networks, a reincarnation of of Intercellular Networks, the very first CDMA network in Nigeria and one of the first CDMA networks to go under a couple of years ago, appears to be going under in its reincarnated form again according to sources who are familiar with the matter.

The first signs of trouble […]. Now, many have been asking about the possible release dates for India. So, here is what we have learned from our retail sources in India. As per our retails sources Nokia 6 , Nokia 1 and Nokia The screen is also OLED, which makes for much […]. HMD may be working to enhance Glance Screen on Nokia 8, may add new gestures and may also bring display color profile options.

This has been revealed by an enthusiast user Cristian cri who posted some screenshots of what he saw in debugging and testing activities on his Nokia 8 running Android 8. Which, as I ranted recently , doesn't apply to Windows 10 Maps, which are missing recent roads.

So is this worth using instead? Add an S to it. Only a year back Microsoft introduced Windows 10 S which offered a more secure version of Windows by letting consumers install apps only from the Store. However, Microsoft added a free upgrade offer along The smartphone sports budget specs from every angle and a budget price tag.

Despite that, some specs are much better than its entry-level status. Entschuldigung, dass ich mich undeutlich ausgedrückt hab. Und es diesen geräten zu geben war entweder ein Versehen oder berechnete Absicht. Können es ja mal bei denen testen ist ja fast ring Noch mehr solcher dinge und ich werde mein Win. So many big billion companies every year participant in the […].

Just last week, we reported that Chase announced plans to remove its mobile app from the Windows Phone Store. With global Windows Phone market share hovering below three percent and users showing little interest in its app, Chase saw little reason to devote resources to the platform. Some uncertain news, I'm afraid, at least from the point of view of seeing a new Windows 10 Mobile-running smartphone in production. The Wileyfox Pro, which I reviewed here and here , has been left with its future somewhat uncertain by Wileyfox itself going into administration, see the statement and current status below.

Wileyfox made its money from budget Android handsets which often kicked above their weight and it's both puzzling and sad to see money troubles threaten to end activities on both platforms. For all software update news related to other Nokia phones click The post February Security update for Nokia 3 now available [List of markets] appeared first on Nokiapoweruser. Things seem to have hit rock bottom, as a former Wileyfox employee took it to Reddit to announce that the company was under administration.

With imagery and instructions, there's lots of potential, though you don't actually get any examples to get you started. It seems tired to complain that there aren't enough apps for Windows Phone.

And yet, the complaint persists because it's valid. Ich führte mit dieser meiner Bank eine Diskussion, dass deren "App" keine ist, sonder eine 32 Bit Applikation. Denn verkauft wurde es einem in meiner Region als Windows App die keine ist. Antwort war der geringe Marktanteil von WP. Es ist fürchterlich traurig, das Aussterben Nur warum so progressiv, werd ich nie begreifen.

Review Xgody Y19 is one of the newest affordable smartphone from Xgody with average specs. The OEM are known for making budget friendly smartphones with quality specs.

Apart from the dual rear camera, what else does the Xgody Y19 […]. Man kann seine Bankgeschäfte doch ganz altmodisch in der Filiale abwickeln. Ging doch früher auch. Leider werden viele Menschen bequemer wenn sie die Möglichkeit dazu haben. Cloud storage is something that we've all come to rely on these days. Microsoft's own OneDrive is probably your default, with a smattering of Dropbox and maybe a little Google Drive thrown in for good measure?

Worth me highlighting anyway! Review Starmobile Up Selfie is a selfie focused smartphone from Starmobile, the device is from their Up series. The phone boasts of the average specs like most midrange smartphone, but what else does […]. Wenn ich mir da nicht auch noch auf Android sentimental weiterhin WM vorgaukeln lassen will, brauche ich doch diesen MS-Launcher schon gar nicht!

Höchstens noch, um da die passende Umgebung für die gewünschte Einbindung der gesamten Suite an Microsoft-Apps zu schaffen… Bei mir bleiben aber all die MS-Dienste vor allem Mail fein säuberlich und streng getrennt auf dem bereits nur mehr mit einer Daten—Sim versehenem xl, wo ich sie auch bis ans definitive Ende nutzen werde. Ich will da auch gar nichts vermischen und auf Android vielleicht dann andauernd zum Einloggen in den MS-Account aufgefordert werden!

Da hat sich MS getäuscht, das Spiel mache ich nicht mit! Verwende jetzt parallel zum zusätzlich das relativ günstige 6. Man hat ja auch schon längst das Gefühl, dass da jetzt in WM10 auch nicht viel mehr an Leben enthalten ist, als noch im alten WP8.

Was hätte dieses WM für Potential gehabt! Bin jetzt eben also doppelt bestückt unterwegs mit einer Web- und App-Maschine und einer tollen superflachen Compact-Cam mit inkludiertem Mail Programm…. Für jederzeit schnell anzunehmende Telefonate nutze ich ohnehin schon seit jeher und sicher auch weiterhin mein kleines unverwüstliches Samsung B… Btw: Meaning that that there are now two UWP Twitter clients which fully support longer entries here's the other.

Neither are the official UWP application, mind you, though I've been hearing rumours of that being imminent for months Also so wie sich die App verhält ist die ganz sicher nicht für Mobile gedacht gewesen. Da funktioniert ja fast nix wie es soll! Schade das man die App jetzt nicht wieder los wird. Würde sie sofort löschen wenn es gehen würde. Aber ist ja toll von Microsoft, dass die uns zum testen für die neuen mobilen Geräte ausnutzen.

Hi all, does anyone know of any good pet friendly hikes in Durban? Suggestions will be much appreciated. Today's update rounds up about 20 fixes, tweaks and improvements, all listed below. Talking about this moment, a mobile phone is a multi-dimensional device which can perform various roles by being a medium. Once it was just a device for calling but now the communication process has been upgraded through mobile in the best possible way. Calling is definitely the first priority in a phone but there are other miscellaneous items which have also generated a huge demand among the people.

The entire platform of communication has been entrapped within a phone. Microsoft has been pretty busy with the Photos app today, and one of the areas that they have been tweaking is the Remix 3D element. Remix 3D part of the Photos app updated with UI improvements. Der Beitrag Zero-Day Sicherheitslücke: The network will provide new agility which will enable the delivery of high-quality voice services, and lay the foundations for the future evolution to 5G.

The deployment of the Nokia cloud-native core network will enable China [ The feature means individual Windows 10 Insiders will be invited to test updated versions of the apps and provide […]. Microsoft now letting Insiders test Preview version of core apps. Gibt es auch nicht mehr. Diese Verfügbarkeit erstreckt sich wie bei. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for MobilBank. Microsoft hat ein neues Firmwareupdate für das Surface Pro 3 veröffentlicht.

Es trägt die Kennung 3. Das Surface Pro 4 und Surface Pro, haben noch? Are you obsessed with playing retro games? So, what is your most favorite game from your schooling days?

Super Mario, aladin saga or pokemon? These vintage old school games bring back the sweet childhood memories which stick forever. Back then, to play these all, you would have to carry a bag of coins and wait for your turn to take a shot. Nowadays, every individual can play games on their smart android devices and iPhones. Science and technology have evolved Microsoft has supposedly been trying to get a universal, cloud-based clipboard in their software for two years now. And hasn't managed it yet - though third parties keep having a crack at what I'd have thought was an easier computer science problem than is borne out by the failures so far.

ClipboardX certainly looks the business and works well on the phone, yet the fully sync experience is ultimately lacking! I can't quite believe that I'm having to write a tutorial based on getting round a bug in a Microsoft service, but while the company thinks about a fix, in the meantime regular users of Windows 10 Maps typically on the phone can't actually find the addresses they're looking for.

Almost a year ago, I covered this very topic , but it's just as relevant today, if only to answer the question of whether you can still bring an older Windows Phone up to the last major practical branch, the Creators Update, giving you updates until Autumn See below for some recommended prerequisitive reading, but the short answer is that yes, you can.

No need to be stuck on the Anniversary Update! After the introduction and wide success of Reliance Jio in India, we have seen many new plans and schemes by incumbent operators in India. But in current ways that The post Nokia 8 Hands on and impressions. The Basio 3 runs on Android 7. As widely reported around the web today, one of the Microsoft Insiders programme team has confirmed what many people suspected would happen as we got close to the formal release of 'Redstone 4' for which there is no mobile equivalent under any name - no more development Insiders builds are planned for Mobile.

Here's what this means Lese dazu diesen Artikel auf WindowsCentral vom The app has been bumped to version 2. The update has rolled out with some new features for the public through the app. Here is the changelog: Introducing Tax Payment through iMobile. The post Nokia 2 is now available in the Philippines for only 5, php appeared first on Nokia Revolution.

In fact, there are lots of changes and improvements in Backup and Reset options when one compares Nougat to Hands-on video Side-by-side appeared first on Nokiapoweruser.

The latest update brings improvements and new features. After a gap of a month, it's my latest end January update for AAWP's directories of general applications 5 new entries, 1 removed , media, imaging and reading apps 2 new entries , and games 4 new entries. Your guide to the best of Microsoft's on-phone Store, every item has been reviewed - or recommended by readers here.

I purposefully drew attention to Windows Phone being the outlier. Looking at the bigger picture, Windows 10 is anything but a dying OS. Time now for our hands-on video of Nokia 6 running the stable version of Android Oreo. The post Nokia 6 stable Android Oreo update hands-on video appeared first on Nokiapoweruser.

We've all seen 'short' URLs, and there are dozens of services which create them, but Short. As a bonus, it safely inspects where short links you've been sent actually point to. A top notch addition to any Windows 10 device. Ich bin froh, erst spät beim 4 Pro einstiegen zu sein. Es ist schon ein ordentliches Gesampaket. Das muss sich ändern.

Die neuen Windowsversionen werden das ja hergeben. Als reines Tablet fand ich das Lumia immer am attraktivsten. Heute bin ich froh, mich auch hier gezügelt zu haben. Mit einem Pro 3 oder älter wollte ich heute nicht mehr unterwegs sein. Microsoft hat ein neues Update für Outlook für iOS veröffentlicht. Die neue Versionsnummer lautet 2. The app is available for download on the Windows Phone Store, for devices running on Windows Phone 8 operating system.

Everything we know so far appeared first on Windows Latest. Many core apps that Windows Phone 8 users relied on got completely broken in WP10 and many never got fixed.

I remember one guy who had bought basically every flagship Lumia and was one of the platforms most ardent fans raging about it. When that level of fan is mad about something, you know you messed up. With possibly the longest game name I've ever reviewed, this is also a new UWP game for Windows 10 devices - phones, tablets, laptops.

As the name suggests, it's about the sort of wince-inducing tight manoeuvres that give you nightmares in a real car. Here, there are no scratches or dents to be risked, happily.

Just adverts to be skipped between each level attempt! Android devices are the recent fad of the present generation. The popularity of these devices will never stop to increase, due to the simple mode of operation. The developers of the android devices are always trying to add innovative features in order to fulfill the demands of the digital era.

One of the newest additions to this brand new technology is the gaming apps that are developed by Google. In this blog post, we have discussed top five baseball apps Technology has changed many areas of our daily lives and it rules both our downtime and our business hours, from the way we relax to the way we work.

However, one area that has seen real technological advancements is travel. From electronic boarding passes all the way to automated self-driving cars, technology has changed the […]. The two day event was all about building apps, reviewing common practices and patterns and having fun!

The presentation, delivered by engineer Periklis Drampis, focused on our recent work on the …. Bank of Baroda o. Our lives revolve around our Lumia devices. After more than two years of promising its customers Westpac in did released mobile banking app for windows phone.

This Australia-based bank offers a variety of features in the official soluti…. Coupled with that the smartphone is restrained to the budget segment, given its specs and its price tag. BLU smartphone lineup has numerous entry-level smartphones, so it comes as no shock that the current […]. Wisst ihr, was hinter der Begründung Sicherheit steckt?! Hat das damit zu Tun, dass es eine alte App ist?

Ich hab jetzt mal der SBB geschrieben um mehr zu erfahren. Werde hier berichten, wenn ich etwas erfahre. Subscription PC gaming service Utomik has announced a partnership with publisher Curve Digital to bring a selection of its award-winning indies to the platform.

In a press release, the […]. PC gaming service Utomik partners with Curve Digital to bring award-winning indie games to its catalogue. I spend all day tinkering at work with code, and then some evenings and weekends doing my own projects.

I have no desire for a need to a thinker with my daily driver though. The two companies will engage in a comprehensive testing regime, among the first of its kind in [ So manche echt liebevoll geschriebene App wie beispielsweise.

Diamond Bank continues to trudge on as it sets the standard for Mobile Apps in the Nigerian banking industry. The smartphone has a lot of features to uphold its mid-range status.

Amazon hat täglich wechselnde Angebote, da fällt es manchmal schwer den Überblick zu behalten. Auch heute gibt es wieder einige Schnäppchen, die ihr euch anschauen.

Der Beitrag Amazon Schnäppchen: Das sind die besten Angebote von heute erschien zuerst auf WindowsUnited. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Mobile bank. The very first build of Windows 10 Redstone 5 update has been spotted in the latest language pack. The source code of the latest language pack shows Windows 10 Redstone 5 Build The post Evidence confirms Windows 10 Redstone 5 is just around the corner appeared first on Windows Latest.

The windows media player app, the most renowned app and one of the oldest media players has been an indispensable part of our Windows PC. Windows media player app is a media player and a media player application which can play audio files, video files and also can be used for viewing images. It can be run on personal computers having Microsoft Windows as their operating system. Allerdings gibt es den nicht im Store und er wird leider seit kurzem nicht mehr weiterentwickelt.

Werde ich wohl oder übel mit VLC anfreunden müssen. Last year I reviewed Crypto Chart UWP , a genuinely premium way to manage your crypto currency portfolio on Windows 10 Mobile and other devices - and it's been getting better and better, with fortnightly updates or so.

The latest brings a feature that I'd been lobbying for - being able to quickly switch the time frame of its charts and graphs. One of my favourite Windows phone apps just got better. Is there an app for a windows phone? Ich lasse an dieser Stelle Martin von Dr. Er schreibt zu seiner App "Die Bemerkung hinsichtlich unserer Universal App muss ich wohl etwas konkretisieren.

Wir hatten ja bereits eine App für Windows, sowohl für den Desktop als auch für Phone. Als ich die Universal App Anfang in Auftrag gegeben habe, wusste ich noch nicht, dass a so wenig Geräte das Upgrade auf Windows 10 Mobile erhalten werden. Mit diesem Wissen hätte ich gesagt: Für das, was uns mit Windows 10 Mobile erwartet, reicht auch die alte Phone-App.

Dafür lohnt es sich nicht, etwas komplett Neues zu machen. Für wen soll es sich lohnen eine App zu entwickeln? Wenn es dich ärgert, dann ist Microsoft in diesem Falle der einzige Ansprechpartner.

The Barclays Bank app for Windows Phone has been one of the best supported and most full featured banking apps on the OS, but with even Microsoft not supporting the OS with their latest apps it was inevitable that Barclays will some day kill the app. That day now has a date, as Barclays has …. Guest podcaster Matt Lacey comes in to chat about some of the stories of the last week or so. We cover Wileyfox's slip into administration, expected application lifetimes and compatibility, Microsoft's upcoming developer events, and whether there's any point in being on Insider rings for Windows 10 Mobile anymore.

Obwohl - WindowsMobile ist tatsächlich tot. Und Windows10Mobile wird weiterentwickelt. We love Bootstrap, so we will be using its responsive carousel implementation. First of all, I hope that you are working with Orchard using WebMatrix.

Start by creating a free website on Windows Azure, picking Orchard from the …. Leak enthüllt neue Gameplay-Details erschien zuerst auf WindowsUnited. Vor einer Woche schon landete der Microsoft Launcher in der Version 4.

Seit heute Morgen ist. Der Beitrag Microsoft Launcher Version 4. Da ist ein Markt und den bedient HP. Es ist nur eine Frage der Zeit, dann werden die Business-Apps nachziehen. Ob dann noch die Consumer Apps qualitativ mithalten können?

You'll remember my unofficial way to post longer tweets in Tweetium last week? Well, this is now redundant as Tweetium UWP now supports character tweets officially, in an update released just now.

Notably, the official Twitter UWP client is still limited to characters, so Tweetium is the way to go. What's new here then? Not much, except that I've been using it for a year and I wanted to put into context - the UFK is more than a humble Bluetooth keyboard, yet obviously less than a laptop. So where does it fit in? Diesmal habt ihr bis zum Februar die Möglichkeit, die ägyptische Kriegsgöttin. Africa is slowly but surely developing all its industries across the board. This information was released by the professional service network PWC PricewaterhouseCoopers in their report concerning Africa.

They have identified the major three countries that lead the development and […]. Are you an Apple man? My actual point centers around an argument that the unification of development around UWP, using something like Xamarin to maximise the shared codebase across platforms is a pathway to feature parity and the embracing of a diverse device ecosystem. Is UWP the answer? Und es geht munter weiter mit dem App-Sterben auf Windows Phone. Ab März ist. Known as version Unfortunately, however, it would appear that not all of the issues have been resolved.

Users over on Reddit are now reporting that the app suddenly crashes when entering the PIN: Barclays has not yet commented on the reported issues, but it is likely they'll be another update in the future to resolve them. For most people, the first thing you do when you buy a hard drive is to create a separate partition, and then format it, before you can start storing data.

The major benefit of having separate partitions in a hard drive is, each partition can be isolated from others and can have different file system. We are all happy to take our new company wesite live! Our new homepage aims to be simple and elegant: The update brings the following minor changes, as noted by aggiornamentilumia.

Mail and Calendar app updated for Insiders changelog. Flights Info is less graphical and more text-based, allowing you to drill down into airports and flights information across the world, looking at the usual - scheduled versus actual take-off and landing times, etc.

Data points welcomed then, for the developer, I think! All Diamond Bank customers can now easily and conveniently bank using the Diamond Bank mobile app. Microsoft's strategy around maps seemed clear enough to me - license HERE Maps data for major markets where it exists, license from other companies in some world regions where local companies do a better job.

Yet I'm bewildered - driving in the UK over the last few days with my Windows phones, and despite shiny new app versions and a copyright date of '' for the maps in Settings, roads completed as long ago as the start of were simply nowhere to be seen.

The post Google Pixel 2 XL: Unboxing and First Impressions. Der Beitrag Sea of Thieves: Das kleine Team unter der Leitung von Panos Panay, hat. Der Beitrag [Kommentar] Microsoft Surface: Die missverstandene Plattform erschien zuerst auf WindowsUnited.

Ios ist nicht sonderlich ram hungrig Das se war vor dem 7 und 7plus das mit Abstand schnellste Smartphone auf dem Markt Die app funktioniert schon seit mitte nicht mehr und hab damals schon als reaktion von der mainzer volksbank zu hören bekommen. Aber die lösung ist da. Ich hoff nächstes jahr kommt ms mit was neuem oder titzen kommt nach europa.

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