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We also have a gigantic model wardrobe, and combining this means we have an endless supply of gorgeous outfits, accessories and shoes, we are both happy posing fully nude as well. I am Rosa Brighid, a full time, published model. I work really hard, travelling up and down the country on a mission to achieve excellence in each modelling style I specialise in. I regularly appear on Page 3 and on fashion features in The Daily Star.

I have great drive and ambition, and thrive on creating the best images. I travel abroad often, and tour around the UK. Whether you are a professional or hobbyist photographer, I work with all abilities.

Rosas danst Rosas lit. Rosas danst Rosas was de Keersmaeker's third work, 'and the formative work for the company Rosas, which was founded in This meant that they had to write the music and the dance at the same time, rather than compose the dance to already existing music. De Mey's only prior experience of making music was as a guitar player with a rock band, and de Keersmaeker had choreographed Asch and Fase.

De Keersmaker has stated that the most important connotation of the name Rosas, to her, is that "it refers to women, as the name Rosa is a woman's name. The title of the piece, "Rosas danst Rosas", meant we dance ourselves, and repetition was already contained in the title.

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker created the dance and production team Rosas , and over the past 31 years the ensemble has won numerous awards and performed in many countries.

Rosas describes its dance as "pure writing with movement in time and space" and says that "At its heart lies the relationship between movement and music. In some productions, the relationship between dance and text is also examined.

It was by suggestion from De Mey that the dance was structured around the phases of a day. The first movement represents the nighttime, the second is the morning, and the third is afternoon. Anne Teresa de Keersmaker herself stated that, "We exploit every possible division and combination of four dancers, also the space in straight lines, diagonals, and finally a closed circle.