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Rising Labour Productivity can also offset inflationary pressures associated with economic growth and spending. Tuesday, January 1, No entries matching your query were found. Measures the prices paid by Canadian manufacturers for key raw materials, including resources not produced in Canada.

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Either wave C continuation or B wave of B. Larger outlook on weekly chart is showing weakness on long and short term. Last time this line was tested on September, and post that we seen nice pullback towards Hello everyone here we might have a short but the trade will only be active when the price breaks down the rising wedge. R is extremely good. I love your support!

There is a European central bank rate decision in a few days which will decide the direction of the trade and bring volatility into the market.

Important zones of support at These are continuation trend pattern that are found frequently in the markets. I wanted to cover it and share it with you as I found some good charts during my research that are forming such patterns.

One of them is Aban 2. I have also provided some examples given in comments box below for your references and goodself. This is the third education series on Channel link of Educational 01 and Educational 02 given below , In this educational post, I cover up points that provide trades opportunity in a trending channel. Because this is the main employment report in Canada it tends to have significant impact on the market.

The headline figure is the change in employment in thousands. Need to ask questions to an analyst? Join the Canadian employment change live broadcast. The average productivity level of Canadian workers. Labour Productivity is calculated by dividing the gross domestic product GDP by the number of hours worked, yielding output per hour, which is the key measure of productivity growth.

The availability of better technology and higher levels of education among the workforce are factors commonly attributed to increased productivity. Growth in labour productivity is usually seen as a sign of a healthy economy because higher productivity allows higher output for a fixed population. Rising Labour Productivity can also offset inflationary pressures associated with economic growth and spending.

Economic expansion attributed to increased Labour Productivity will not result in inflation, meaning that central banks will not need to increase interest rates during times of high growth. The headline figure is the percentage change in output per hour. Measures the prices paid by Canadian manufacturers for key raw materials, including resources not produced in Canada. Although producers may not pass on changes in raw material prices to consumers immediately, the index will record these cost pressures before they reach the end consumer and affect inflation rates.

The headline figure is the percentage change in the price index from the previous month and year. The index includes prices for raw materials like mineral fuels, vegetable products, animal and animal products, wood, ferrous materials, non-ferrous metals, and non-metallic minerals. Unemployment is the single most popularly used figure to give a snapshot of US labor market conditions. Because the Federal Reserve is under strict pressure to keep unemployment under control, high unemployment puts downward pressure on interest rates, as the Fed will look to bolster the economy to remedy the employment situation.

More generally, unemployment is indicative of the economy's production, private consumption, workers' earnings, and consumer sentiment. A lower unemployment rate translates into more employed individuals with paychecks, which leads to higher consumer spending, economic growth and potential inflationary pressures.

Conversely, high levels of unemployment are connected with lower incomes, lower spending, and economic stagnation. Monthly change in employment excluding the farming sector. Non-farm payrolls is the most closely watched indicator in the Employment Situation, considered the most comprehensive measure of job creation in the US. Such a distinction makes the NFP figure highly significant, given the importance of labor to the US economy.

Specifically, political pressures come into play, as the Fed is responsible for keeping employment in a healthy range and utilizes interest rate changes to do so. A surge in new Non-farm Payrolls suggests rising employment and potential inflation pressures, which the Fed often counters with rate increases.

On the other hand, a consistent decline in Non-farm Employment suggests a slowing economy, which makes a decline in rates more likely. An indicator of how the average level of pay is changing. The Average Hourly Earnings figure provides insight into future spending and inflation. A High Average Hourly Earnings bodes well for future consumption, as workers have more disposable income. High figures may indicate inflationary pressures due to employee's additional potential to spend.

The figure is either measured in hourly or weekly averages or as a percent change from the previous month. Data sourced by Thomson Reuters DailyFX provides traders with an easy to use and customizable real-time calendar that updates automatically during announcements. Keep track of significant events that traders care about. As soon as event data is released, the DailyFX calendar automatically updates to provide traders with instantaneous information that they can use to formulate their trading decisions.

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