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China dropped its megabomb Portal del Noticias Minuto a Minuto en México y el Mundo.

The all-new Mercedes CLA has broken cover earlier than expected, as leaked photos posted by Australian website Redline but that have since been But it's bigger, has a nicer looking interior, and there's a lot of tech on Delivering packages and delivering people is currently done with two different vehicles. Mercedes-Benz would like to change that with its pure electric, autonom. Season 23 kicks off with a weird new live format, a whole lot of virginity puns, and a surreal cocktail party.

If you cut out all of the virgin jokes and cross-country watch parties, this premiere could have been 15 minutes flat. Season 23 of The Bachelor is officially off to the races, and there's one lucky lady who has piqued Colton Underwood's interest early on.

What used to be a subplot is now a main event. Will it be exploited — or challenge stereotypes? The year-old former pro football The year-old actress self-destructed and fled to Dubai, but she's hoping to move beyond her mistakes with a new MTV reality show.

The 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' star on how she overcame abuse and her past: The latest dance craze was dropped into the Aegean Sea and carried out by the tide last fall when Lindsay Lohan, filming whatever she's doing for her new The new Captain Marvel movie starring Brie Larson hits theatres in March, and now a new "special look" trailer for the superhero film has landed.

Marvel nerds, we now have a new trailer of Captain Marvel, which looks far better than the previous promos and has managed to retain our interest in the film. Brie Larson completed part of a strenuous workout and hilariously rewarded herself with a cookie — details.

With the National Title game wrapping up and tickets going on sale today, Marvel dropped the latest trailer for Captain Marvel — highlighting some witty banter Take Rock's name out of consideration as this year's Oscars host. Other teams hope they can beat Alabama. Clemson knows it can. Nick Saban's list of superlatives at Alabama is well-trod ground by now: It was an absolute domination as No.

The opening odds for Tyron Woodley and Kamaru Usman's UFC welterweight title fight have now been released — and they're very close. It was not a good weekend to be a lower league team facing a top six side in the third round of the F. But for other minnows going against top flight teams, Following the end of Monday's match — in which Jurgen Klopp cleverly avoided losing another cup final by getting knocked out early — the draw for the 4th The Packers took their time to look for their next head coach.

And then, a day after interviewing Matt LaFleur, the process rocketed to a conclusion. Green Bay has found its new man. Citizen scientists have discovered a potentially habitable exoplanet about twice the size of Earth, located light-years away, that may have liquid water on its Using data from NASA's Kepler space telescope, citizen scientists have discovered a planet roughly twice the size of Earth located within its star's habitable zone Although NASA's Kepler space telescope ran out of fuel and ended its mission in , citizen scientists have used its data to discover an exoplanet Scientists have discovered a new planet that's light-years away.

It is roughly twice the size of Earth, which is rare for an exoplanet. Right now, the LMC The end of the Milky Way as we know it may come a few billion years ahead of schedule. According to a new paper published Jan.

At some point, our Milky Way galaxy is going to experience a horrible, unheralded cataclysm the likes of which our puny brains can barely comprehend. Our solar system has remained largely unchanged for billions of years and it's likely to remain that way for a long time to come, but that hasn't stopped Organizer of Hong Kong summit says He may face charges of bribery and corruption.

A British geneticist is worried that He Jiankui—the Chinese scientist responsible for the birth of genetically modified human twins—could face the death penalty Chinese scientist He Jiankui was advised by experts not go down a path to edit the genes of embryos that would go on to be delivered, due to numerous CHINA has today stopped all gene research after claims an untrained billionaire was creating mutants in a laboratory.

Scientist He Jiankui shocked the world when he announced he had altered embryos for seven couples during fertility treatment to protect them against China successfully landed an unmanned probe on the far side of the moon this week, the latest accomplishment of the nation's growing space program. And that leap happened once more just yesterday, thanks Cancer death rates in the United States have seen a steady year decline, a new study finds.

The study projects that new cancer cases and Here's 2 pills and an injection. This is what many doctors routinely do, At Clarkstown Pediatrics in Nanuet, New York, babies are on an accelerated measles vaccination schedule, getting their first shots six months early and their At least cases of measles have been reported in New York with most spreading among unvaccinated religious communities.

Laws and strict regulations on retailers work to stop teenagers from trying e-cigarettes and other vape products, a new study from USC shows. Should we care that much if teen's vape? Reuters Health - The growing popularity of e-cigarettes among U. Get the Android app.

Get the iOS app. The New York Times. Trump Will Take Case for Border Wall to Public in National Address President Trump, stymied in talks over his border wall, will try to break Democratic intransigence with a national address on Tuesday and a trip to the border.

There is no security crisis at the border Tuesday evening, President Trump plans to tell the nation that the situation at the southern border is so extraordinarily bad, the only solution is to do something Trump's calculated 'emergency' plan to build a wall The budget standoff between President Trump and Congress has now entered its third week. Bolton seems to contradict Trump on US withdrawal from Syria. Trump Is Right on Syria. Turkey Can Get the Job Done.

The Wall Street Journal. China's best hope is that Trump, Wall Street, and the whole world are willing to play pretend China's economy is showing signs of extreme stress, and not just because of President Donald Trump's trade war.

Team Trump should be careful what it wishes for on China There's a self-interest reason to stop rooting for the world's second-largest economy to falter. Who the GOP should pick for select committee on climate TheHill If a select committee is populated by disputers of the science, they will only deepen the caricature of the GOP. He can't ignore Democrats anymore. New California governor's son, 2, steals the show at his inauguration Gavin Newsom was sworn in Monday as California's 40th governor, but his inaugural speech may be remembered more for the actions of one of his four young US nursing home chief resigns after vegetative patient gives birth The chief executive of the corporation in charge of an Arizona nursing home where a woman in a vegetative state gave birth has resigned.

Bill Timmons, CEO of Hacienda HealthCare nursing facility where vegetative woman gave birth, resigns; new claims emerge The chief executive officer of Hacienda HealthCare resigned Monday, just days after a vegetative patient at a Hacienda nursing facility in Phoenix gave birth. Arizona care facility CEO resigns after vegetative patient gave birth The CEO of an Arizona long-term care center where a woman who has been in a vegetative state for years gave birth last month has resigned.

Woman in vegetative state in hospital for decade gives birth to a child A woman in Arizona who has been in a vegetative state in a hospital for over 10 years has given birth to a child. News 12 New Jersey.

Ocasio-Cortez attacks fact-checkers for 'false equivalency,' 'bias' Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right.

It Has Leverage on Trade The softening Chinese economy has weakened Beijing's hand as it struggles to settle the trade war. Kim Jong Un could be aboard mystery train. Taliban call off peace talks with U. Taliban calls off peace talks with US officials Talks had been planned for two days starting Wednesday in Qatar, senior Taliban members earlier told Reuters.

Afghan Taliban call off peace talks with U. Road to peace in Afghanistan is missing critical path for women TheHill The rights of women must be included in any agreement to end the decades of conflict in Afghanistan. American Navy veteran held in Iranian prison since July on unspecified charges: US Navy veteran held captive in Iran since July. Samsung Q4 guidance shocks: Tech's Brave Investors Should Be Looking at Samsung Early action to rein in costs shows the company is capable of fiscal discipline amid the tech downturn.

No, Apple hasn't abandoned professionals and it's not going bust. Ex-Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn says he didn't hide money l Al Jazeera English The former chairman of car company Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, has claimed he is innocent in a court in Tokyo, saying he's been unfairly detained.

Carlos Ghosn speaks out after 7 weeks in a Japanese jail Tokyo CNN Business Carlos Ghosn has for the first time given his version of the events that led to his arrest in Tokyo seven weeks ago on suspicion of financial Activist investor Carl Icahn backs out of Dollar Tree A new activist investor is looking to shake up the board at Dollar Tree — but another has quietly cashed in his chips.

Activist Starboard seeks Dollar Tree board changes, disposal Starboard is seeking to capitalize on criticism from some investors and analysts that Dollar Tree should consider raising prices for some products to more than Dollar Tree may be raising its prices.

Kate Spade's second Wear OS watch gets a serious tech upgrade Fashion brand Kate Spade has made a second smartwatch and this year's offering comes with a serious tech upgrade.

No nos olvidemos de su conducta para cerrarle la puerta cuando quiera volver. Jueves 28 de junio de Fallecimiento de Guillermo Barbieri. Jueves 7 de marzo. Martes 9 de abril. Martes 23 de abril. Se va al Sur. Otra vez los Quemeros nos movilizamos masivamente y rompimos las urnas: Es un buen chico".

Que es lo que busca el Turco. Otra vez en casa. Elvio Paolorroso y Hernan Petti; entrenador de arqueros: Siguen las repercusiones por la renuncia del DT. Los que suenan como futuros reemplazantes de Gustavo Alfaro. Tras la renuncia de Gustavo Alfaro a su puesto la C. Gustavo Alfaro se fue a Boca. Si bien la C. La Copa de la Superliga. Un actor de los buenos, con talento y bajo perfil, querido y respetado en el ambiente. Los partidos del Pato.

Previo al inicio del partido frente a Argentinos Jrs. No te olvides de llevar el DNI a la cancha. De los dos lados. Personalidad destacada del deporte de C. No supimos cuidar la ventaja. Pese a estar siempre arriba en el marcador no supimos cuidar esa ventaja debido a errores defensivos que le permitieron al Lobo quedarse con un punto.

Desinformados u obsecuentes del poder. Por la segunda victoria al hilo en el Bosque. Hoy a partir de las 19,20 hs. Hoy a partir de las 21,30 hs. Fue espectacular y a la vez emocionante. En un reportaje del Fernando Quiroz lo recordaba diciendo: Actualmente de nuestro lado, reconociendo un pasado en Defensa y Justicia, encontramos al arquero alternativo de Marcos: Contra Defensa y Justicia. Quemero no podes faltar!!!!! Salvini 3 , Baldonedo y Banchero. Mendez, Salvini, Simes y Ferreyro.

Otro Oscar para Lalo Schifrin. Fue en el Campeonato de , por la fecha 28, en Liniers: Se lo pierde "Ex profeso".

Un empate, una victoria y una derrota. Efectivos al por ciento. Hoy hay que ganar para poder seguir arriba. A partir de las 21 hs. Antonio Lamas 3 , Baldonedo 3 y Alberti. Las divisiones mas grandes jugaron de visitantes en el predio de Baigorria en tanto que las mas chicas lo hicieron de locales en La Quemita.

Nuestro equipo estuvo encabezado por Maestro Internacional de Ajedrez Jacques Blit, Quemero como todos nosotros y ahora socio. Cuando se lanza un penal todos los jugadores menos el que lanza, tienen que estar a 9,5 mts. Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata: Aumento de la cuota social.

Una derrota sin atenuantes. Fue por la revancha en el 1er. Naviera 2 , Masantonio, Onzari, y De los Santos. Excelente jornada de divisiones inferiores. Amistosos frente al Torito. En total sumamos nueve puntos y fue el mejor puntaje de las tres temporadas anteriores. Hoy en la Quemita a partir de las 16 hs. Para ganar hay que sufrir. Recordando a nuestro gran Presidente. Ayer por la tarde en la Sede Social del Club el Dr. Alejandro Nadur y el Secretario del Club Sr.

Fernando Moroni entre muchos otros. Hoy a partir de las 19 hs en la Sede Social del Club, ubicada en la Av. Un grande que se ocupa de los mas chicos. Se va o se queda. La tercera al hilo. Recordando a quien nos hizo grande. Los goles los marcaron Belmonte, Baldonedo y Balsamo, en tres oportunidades cada uno. Venta de entradas para el partido frente a Banfield. Hoy en la Quemita a partir de las 14 hs. No solo su apellido es valioso.

Pablo Oro el puntano de la 7ma. Amistosos frente a Ferro. Una caricia al alma. La actividad tiene como objetivo compartir la historia del club en distintos espacios sociales de nuestro barrio, contado por los historiadores Quemeros.

Este viernes a partir de las 19 hs. Hoy en San Juan y con pasado Quemero: Otro actualmente en las tierras de Sarmiento, con pasado reciente en La Quema: Entrada libre y gratuita. Domingo 12 de agosto Domingo 19 de agosto 15,30 hs. Domingo 26 de agosto Viernes 31 de agosto 21 hs.

Premio por pasar de ronda. Hoy a partir de las 21,10 hs. Somos locales otra vez. Se fue Julio Angulo. Venta de entradas para la Copa Argentina. Amistoso en contra el Candombero. Ya es oficialmente jugador del Udinese. Ya esta de vuelta. Otro que se suma a la larga lista de probables incorporaciones. Saul Salcedo firmo su contrato con el Club. Un delantero en agenda.

En busca de otro Paraguayo. Continua la danza de posibles refuerzo. Otro que se queda. Amistosos de la reserva. Nuevo DT de la reserva. Tres que renovaron sus contratos. Luis Sanguinetti, allegado al Club. La victoria fue contundente con goles de Loizo, Chiesa y en dos oportunidades Onzari. En busca de un delantero. A todo o nada, perdimos 4 a 2. Hoy a partir de las 12 hs. Ingresos por Javier Pastore.