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And a way to prolong the life of your pool and patio accessories? Talk to her to learn the evolving hints or read the individual pet profiles to know what items are needed to evolved them. Aleph , High Nixie. There are currently topics.

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The rarer the pet, the more expensive it is to maintain due to the fact it can be difficult to feed it what it wants, thus the pet levels at a slower rate. The seed egg is the best to start out with because it requires the least amount of fame, it requires the least amount of experience points to level, and the items to used to feed and evolve the seed pet type are the easiest to obtain.

Later, one can move their way up to the better eggs that lead to better pets. Also note that pets do not belong to one player, they can be traded, sold, or dropped. You can carry more then one pet in your inventory but only one can be equipped at a time. Also note that if you have a pet equipped and desire to unequip it, do so with careful thought. Once unequipped and re-equipped, a pet will lose its current exp. Talk to her to learn the evolving hints or read the individual pet profiles to know what items are needed to evolved them.

Otherwise, you can get pets from monster drops or events. If you want to identify your unappraised pet, you must look for Maya the Pet Expert to appraise it, not the Marco.

When your pet is 4th stage or higher or have a pet with storage ability, you will be able to access your bank from any field except for towns by only having your pet equipped.

In order to use your bank while out on the field, open your skills menu and click on the Inventory Icon. When hungry, clicking your pet image on the bottom right will bring up a small chat bubble asking for food and also tell you what food it wants to eat. Although you may not have the food it wants, you can still feed it what ever you wish. Or you can play with it. However, its starving bar gauge will only increase a little. The starving bar gauge indicates its hunger level.

When the bar starts to deplete, it means your pet is slowly becoming hungry. You can start to feed it when your pet starts to talk to you. If that bar is totally empty, its exp will decrease and the starving bar gauge will become full again. Pets attain experience points when you feed them items. The more expensive the item, the more experience it will gain. Even though you can temporarily keep the pet from going hungry by playing with it, it will not advance in experience.

Once in the feed pet menu you feed it by dragging and dropping the food into the empty slot and press Feed orange button.

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